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Korganic Market

Baked Goods - Menu of the Week

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Korganic "Always Kosher, Usually Organic"

Fresh Local Baked Goods in Phoenix, AZ

We bake in small batches using high quality, whole food (usually organic), ingredients in very limited quantities.

Generally we focus on one fresh baked item per day.

Sign Up Here for our mailing list and you'll be notified what our baking menu is featuring each week. As well as which local zip code of the week will get free delivery.

FAQ's Below

Baked Goods Menu Week of 11/7-11/10

Monday 11/7

Blueberry Loaf 

Lemon or Plain Icing Optional 

Tuesday 11/8

Mexican Wedding Cookies (aka Russian Cookies, aka Snowballs)

Wednesday 11/9

Pumpkin Loaf 

Maple or Plain Icing Optional

Thursday 11/10

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Free Delivery Days

Each week one local zip code will get free delivery. Sign up for our email list to get notified of our weekly menu and which local zip code of the week gets free delivery.

Delivery Times

Delivery generally occurs in the afternoon after baking is completed for the day.

Contact us if you have a special request. 


We currently can not accommodate any allergies.

Return Policy for Baked Goods

Must be brought back within 24 hours of pick up or delivery to be considered for refund/replacement. As we are closed Saturday, items picked up/delivered on Friday may be returned on Saturday.


We currently cook all of our baked goods with Parve ingredients.

The equipment we currently use is also used for fleishigs.

While we have inquired about getting local kosher certification, we have been advised that this is only possible when we move to a larger commercial kitchen.